Online Class: Homemade Italian Pasta

Ready to take your Italian cooking skills to the next level?

Try this online class from Craftsy on Homemade Italian Pasta!

Online class: Homemade Italian Pasta

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Giuliano, son of famed Italian cookbook author Marcella Hazan, carries on his family’s teaching tradition in this online class in the Craftsy kitchen, showing you how to make, roll out, cut, fill and cook authentic fresh egg pasta. You’ll love mastering these authentic dishes, as well as Giuliano’s extensive knowledge of Italian food, regions and traditions.

Publisher's note: I'm taking this class now and I'm very impressed. As a foodie web site publisher, I watch a LOT of cooking shows and cooking videos and this one stands out as one of the BEST! The production quality of the video is superb, the instruction is clear and precise and - in a very Italian manner - the pacing is slow enough that you can easily follow along. Nothing is rushed or hurried. He clearly loves the process of making, serving and eating pasta and this passion comes through in every gentle knead of the dough. It's clearly a labor of love!

What I particularly like is how Giuliano takes the time to show you how it should look and explain how it should feel. He also provides the "why" behind each and every suggestion and offers up interesting tidbits on regional differences and subtleties. REALLY helpful stuff. Knowing the purpose behind the cooking technique really helps me understand the "big picture" better and retain and absorb the instruction as I go.

There are lots of how-to videos on fresh pasta out there but Giuliano's class takes the training to the next level. I'll report back as I make my way through the course. For now...I strongly recommend this class!

Click Here to Watch the Intro Video! Homemade Italian Pasta with Giuliano Hazan

Try this class today and see how your skill level - and your confidence - grow pasta shape by pasta shape. Buon Appetito! Chris

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Buon appetito!
- Chris

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