An Interview With Food Legend Serio Marccioni

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I seem to have Italy on the brain these days...Italian food, Italian style and Italian travel. In this lifestyle article, Max Gross of the New York Post interviews food legend Serio Marccioni. It was just what I needed to get my daily fix. I think you'll enjoy it.

Le Circe restaurant

The interior of Le Circe Restaurant in New York.

Next week, the James Beard Foundation is honoring a legend.

Arriving in New York in 1955, Sirio Maccioni became one of the great paragons of the city’s dining scene. From the hallowed Le Cirque, to the slightly more casual Circo, to Sirio in the Pierre, Sirio’s fare (no one calls him Maccioni) has, for years, been the gold standard for the city’s fine dining.

Sirio was never behind the stove — but he was always the immaculately dressed ringmaster.

Through all the accolades, he has also remained a family man and a small-towner at heart. He still lives with his wife, Egi, whom he grew up with in the same town. “We knew each other,” says Sirio. “I was skinny, my face was red — and she didn’t like me.” The two of them (along with their sons) have turned Le Cirque into something global: brands have popped up as far afield as the Dominican Republic and India.

The Post sat down at the eponymous Sirio to talk food, travel and Italy. Here’s what he told us:

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