How Commercial Pasta is Made (video)

Ever wonder how those noodles in the box get their shape? Or how lasagna noodles get those ruffle edges? All is revealed in this video on how commercial pasta is made in which we go behind the scenes to learn more about one of the world's most popular foods. Pasta made with semolina (derived from durham wheat) and water is the basis for most of today's commercial pasta. Various shapes are extruded, rolled, cut and dried and then carefully bagged by computer-controlled machines at surprisingly fast speeds to keep the world supplied with this ever-popular culinary delight.

lasagna noodles in a box

"Ever since Marco Polo brought the noodle back from China some 700 years ago, pasta has earned it's place on tables around the world." So begins this informative video on how today's commercial pasta is made. A fascinating look at the technology and efficiency of this industry that produces the enormous amounts of pasta needed to feed the ever-growing demand for this popular product. From the high-speed blending of the semolina and water to the high pressure brass molds and cutting blades right through to the drying racks, sorting chutes and packaging, this is a fascinating look at how the various shapes and sizes are made.

Watch this video to see how pasta is made into bow ties, fusilli, tiny stars for soup, spaghetti, fettuccini and ruffled lasagna noodles. An impressively large variety of shapes and sizes are extruded, hung, trimmed, dried and packaged for pasta lovers everywhere. Each shape follows a unique process from flour and water to finished product. You may never look at that package of noodles the same way again after watching this video!

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