Video: 5-Minute Italian Basil Pesto Recipe

Ahhh fresh, homemade Italian basil pesto. Simply the taste of summer. This rich, delicious and decadent-tasting pasta sauce is as bright and beautiful as it is easy to make!

Here is a great video from our friends over at Buona Pappa for making this delicious - and nutritious - basil pesto sauce recipe in just 5 minutes with a food processor. Watch the video then visit their site for the specifics. Don't worry too much about the quantities of the ingredients.

The only caveat? Add the oil slowly and blend as you go. You can always add more oil if the sauce needs thinning.

Want the ingredients anyway? visit

Traditional Pesto Technique

If you want to go "Old School", try this method for making pesto with a mortar and pestle!

The Etymology

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The word pesto is the contracted past participle of the Genoese word pestâ (Italian: pestare), which means to poundto crush, in reference to the original method of preparation, with marble mortar and wooden pestle. The ingredients in a traditionally made pesto are ground with a circular motion of the pestle in the mortar. This same Latin root through Old French also gave rise to the English word pestle.

Store it!

If you make more than you need, save the remainder in a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Be sure to add a thin layer of olive oil to cover the top to prevent oxidation and keep the bright, green color.

Freeze it!

Make a large batch and freeze the extra in ice cube trays! When the pesto cubes are frozen, pop them out and wrap them in parchment. Put a dozen or so in a freezer bag, label with the date, and you're good for 6 months of delicious dinners. Use one to two cubes per person depending on whether you are making a starter, lunch or dinner.

TIP: DON'T MICROWAVE OR COOK THE PESTO!! If using fresh pesto, cook your pasta until just al dente (firm to the bite) and then add a bit of the pesto to your hot pasta (in the hot pot) and toss gently. A little goes a long way so add it slowly. Add more pesto if needed and a splash of starchy pasta water to thin to the desired consistency and create a silky sauce. Heat through and serve immediately.

If using frozen pesto, you'll want to take the cubes out of the freezer and let them come to room temperature. Add the cubes to fresh, hot just-barely-al-dente-pasta and stir. Add a splash or two of reserved pasta water to create a rich, velvety sauce. You just want to warm the pasta and sauce. The heat from the hot pasta and water will quickly "melt" the cubes and distribute the rich, earthy sauce. Serve immediately.

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