How to sauce your pasta correctly (video)

If you cook your pasta and let it sit in the colander while you make the sauce...
If you plate the pasta and add the sauce to the top... (as shown below)
If you pour your starchy pasta water down the drain...
If you only sprinkle fresh herbs over the top...
You are doing it all wrong!

Who knew, right? No worries. I'm going to share with you exactly how to sauce your pasta like an Italian Chef. Watch the fun and instructional video below for all the culinary secrets. They are really easy and the difference it makes to your pasta dish is simply astounding! Seriously.

How to sauce your pasta correctly

The saucing method described in the video is called saltarre in padella which means "jumping in the pan" in Italian. Essentially, you want to add your freshly-cooked, hot pasta directly to your saucepan and cook it together for a minute or two to create a rich, smooth sauce.

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TIP: Keep in mind that the pasta will continue to cook in the hot sauce. In order to keep the pasta from overcooking, always drain it a minute before the time on the package. You want it to be perfectly al dente (firm to the bite) when it is served. Never let it sit and get cold or it will become rubbery and a sticky mess!

Adding the fresh-cooked pasta to the hot pan also allows it to absorb some of the flavor and liquid of the sauce. For a wonderful mouth feel, add in some of the reserved starchy pasta water, a splash at a time, and stir well. The starch helps smooth out the sauce to a velvety smooth consistency.

For a final touch, add a bit of butter and swirl of good olive oil to finish the sauce, referred to as manticare, or to cream and make really smooth.

Add the herbs to the sauce in the pan and add the grated cheese at the very end.

We eat with our eyes first so it's OK to add  fresh herbs as garnish to make the plate as appetizing and visually appealing as possible.


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