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Whatever your skill level - or motivation - taking an online cooking course - or a topic-specific online class - is a really smart way to get results NOW!

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Imagine the thrill of being able to prepare delicious, nutritious and beautifully presented meals - easily and with confidence - after just a few short weeks.

An online cooking course or class is a seamless - and super convenient - way to fit learning a lifelong skill into your busy schedule! It's always ready when you are.

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online class: Italian meat sauce

Classic Italian Pasta Sauces: Meat & Tomato

Learn how to create nine delectable sauces in this fun, fast-paced online class! From Giuliano’s favorite tomato, onion and butter sauce to the spicy, savory Amatriciana, you’ll discover the secrets behind rich, satisfying sauces that elevate any pasta dish. Create a delicious, fresh pomodoro sauce and a hearty Bolognese with ingredients you already have in your pantry, and learn expert tips that make prep work a breeze. Plus, discover the perfect pasta pairings for each sauce, and the rich history behind these classic recipes.

online class: classic Italian seafood and vegetable sauces Classic Italian Pasta Sauces: Seafood & Vegetable

Tour 10 of Italy’s most treasured sauces, and recreate them in under an hour with this online class from award-winning Italian cookbook author Giuliano Hazan. From spaghetti alle vongole and fettuccine Alfredo to linguine with basil pesto and more, you’ll explore the incredible flavors of authentic Italian dishes from every region. Braise squid and cook shrimp and scallops for a fresh seafood sauce, and learn two variations of irresistible pesto that you can make in under 10 minutes! Explore three luxurious cream sauces, plus master fundamental skills for prepping, dicing and sautéing an array of fresh vegetables for fettuccine alla primavera and spaghetti alla norma. Join Giuliano, and unlock the secrets behind 10 unforgettable sauces you can serve every night of the week!


Classic Homemade Egg Pasta

Homemade Italian Pasta

Giuliano, son of famed Italian cookbook author Marcella Hazan, carries on his family’s teaching tradition in this online class in the Craftsy kitchen, showing you how to make, roll out, cut, fill and cook authentic fresh egg pasta. You’ll love mastering these authentic dishes, as well as Giuliano’s extensive knowledge of Italian food, regions and traditions.

Online class: Classic Italian SoupsClassic Italian Soups

Enjoy a tour of 10 of Italy’s most delicious soups! Cookbook author Domenica Marchetti guides you through developing flavor with classic aromatics to make a heavenly brodo di carne, and shows you how to transform this classic meat broth into irresistible chicken noodle soup or decadent egg and parmesan stracciatella. Learn how to make light and flavorful crepes for rich crespelle in brodo, and delve into creamy soups with a velvety cauliflower purée and a roasted butternut squash and fennel soup. Roast and sauté vegetables to enhance their distinct flavors, and create a balanced vegetable broth to serve as the base for minestrone,  pasta e fagioli and robust ribollita. Ensure your soups are always perfectly garnished with Domenica’s creative tips, and enjoy simple, satisfying soups every night of the week!

Online class: How to Make Gnocchi Like a Pro.How to Make Gnocchi Like a Pro

Discover the expert tips and techniques behind the traditional potato gnocchi of Northern Italy, as Chef Gerri Sarnataro guides you step-by-step to a five-star gnocchi dish! You’ll learn everything from selecting the right potato to cutting and shaping the dumplings for that light, fluffy texture you love, and you won’t stop there: Gerri will also teach you how to make a delectable spinach and ricotta gnudi, a semolina gnocchi and a rustic polenta gnocchi topped with a savory mushroom and sausage sauce. You’ll even learn how to prep, roast and caramelize butternut squash to create the perfect gnocchi dish for fall. Sign up and unlock the secrets behind one of Italy’s most treasured recipes!


Artisan Cheese Making Online Class

 Artisan Cheese Making

Learn to make artisan cheeses in your home kitchen with this fun online class. These are delectable, fresh cheeses that will delight your family and friends - and make great gifts too! Author Mary Karlin teaches you step-by-step how to create three flavorful handmade cheeses. Begin with fresh goat's milk chevre, then advance to mozzarella and finish with an aged cheddar. Mary shows you the tools and techniques you'll need to be successful and walks you through the cheese production process from preparation to plate.

Focaccia & Flatbreads from Around the WorldOnline Class: Classic Focaccia Bread

Learn how to make fresh corn and flour tortillas, delicious naan and even healthy pita bread, with step-by-step online class instruction from James Beard Award-nominated cookbook author Meredith Deeds. Start by mastering classic focaccia and tempting Tuscan schiacciata, and get tips for adding just the right amount of your favorite toppings to avoid overwhelming your savory breads. Next, step things up a notch with potato-based focaccia, or fill it with creamy, melty cheese. Then, Meredith shows you how to create crunchy cracker-crust flatbread that delivers pizza taste minus the pizza calories. You'll learn to make rich ghee for brushing on crowd-pleasing naan, and get tips for using different fats and types of masa to make the best corn tortillas you’ve ever eaten. You'll make from-scratch flour tortillas, too, and create pita bread that's cooked to fluffy perfection. Plus, find out how to make pita chips — an addiction you don't have to feel guilty about! 

Online class: Healthy Mediterranean Cooking Techniques Healthy Mediterranean Cooking

Master the methods behind Greek-Mediterranean cooking for your healthiest meals yet, with guidance from renowned cookbook author and chef Diane Kochilas. Learn how to build a Mediterranean flavor palate for marinades, pastes and dressings, with basic ingredients such as olive oil, citrus and herbs. Find out how to cook greens you’ll crave in dishes such as tomato-braised sweet greens wrapped in flaky phyllo. Then, discover techniques for transforming vegetables like eggplant into rich spreads, dips and sauces. Next, kiss bland beans goodbye as you make a versatile flavor base packed with juicy plum tomatoes, sweet red onion and, of course, garlic! Finally, learn how to prepare, grill and roast lean meat and seafood for healthy and mouthwatering main course options that will have your family clamoring for more!

Classic Roasting Techniques Every Cook Should Know.

Roasting Techniques Every Cook Should Know

Discover four roasting methods for hearty weeknight meals and flawless holiday feasts! Confidently roast without a recipe as you follow James Beard Award-winner Molly Stevens through nine of her favorite dishes. Learn how to prep, truss and season a variety of meats, and use high-heat roasting for tender and juicy chicken. Unlock the secret to a perfectly browned turkey with combination-heat roasting, and pick up the tips to carve it like a pro! Explore sear-roasting for the ultimate steakhouse steak and five-star fish, and make a mouthwatering pork rack with slow and steady roasting. Plus, learn how to turn everyday vegetables into side dishes that might just steal the show!

Online Class: Love Your Vegetables., best methods, flavorful techniques.

Love Your Vegetables, Beth Methods, Flavorful Techniques

Transform nutritious vegetables into crave-worthy meals your family will love with this online class in essential techniques for cooking seasonal vegetables year-round. Cooking Light executive chef Anna Bullett will share her expert tips for cutting and roasting winter squash with ease, incorporating hearty greens such as kale into mouthwatering pastas and even caramelizing Brussels sprouts and pairing them with crispy pancetta for a dish that will please your pickiest eater. Enjoy more than 20 recipes included with this class, from a tomato ricotta tart to grilled eggplant sandwiches with creamy aioli. Plus, get a bonus lesson on refrigerator pickling and preserve your favorite vegetables at the peak of their season.

Online Class: Classic Food Gifts

Sweet & savory Food Gifts

Create an array of crowd-pleasing presents in this online class guided by best-selling author Diane Morgan, and give the gift of time spent in the kitchen! Use your slow cooker to make savory Winter Weekend French Onion soup, and bundle it with French bread and Gruyère cheese for a gift basket that any gourmet will adore. Toast spices for three unique rubs for the perfect grill-master gift, and learn how to make your own batch of terrifically tart Limoncello liqueur. Discover the secret to Diane’s irresistible meringue pecans and make two varieties of chocolate bark sure to tempt anyone with a sweet tooth. Cook a tangy cranberry and pear chutney that’s ideal for holiday meals. Plus combine the free, printable recipe cards and gift tags included with the class with Diane’s favorite ways to use fabric, ribbon and household items and turn any recipe into a beautifully packaged present!

photo: smart kitchen training video

Smart Kitchen Online Cooking School

Whatever your skill level - or motivation - taking an online cooking course is a really smart way to get results NOW! Experience instant gratification as you work your way through the program, lesson after lesson, module by module. Imagine the thrill of being able to prepare delicious, nutritious and beautifully presented meals - easily and with confidence - after just a few short weeks. An online cooking course is a seamless - and super convenient - way to fit learning a lifelong skill into your busy schedule! It's always ready when you are. The best value in online cooking schools? In my opinion, it's Smart Kitchen. Check out this fun video tour.

Disclosure: Please note that these links are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase from my site. I recommend this program because I believe it to be helpful and useful, not because of the small commission I make if you decide to buy something. Please do not spend any money on this program unless you feel it will work for you or that it will help you achieve your goals.

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