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This section of the site is dedicated to videos related to basic cooking skills rather than any particular recipe or pasta dish. There are several videos on cooking pasta, as well as pairing pasta with the right sauce, storing it and reheating it. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you're bound to find something useful in these videos.

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Each professionally produced video provides instruction, techniques and helpful tips that will come in handy in the kitchen. Please keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules for cooking, especially in Italian cooking and with pasta in particular.

As you work your way through the videos series, however, you will start to hear many techniques repeated (salt in the water, no oil in the water, never rinse, etc.). Find what works for you, in your kitchen, for your family. Cooking should be fun and rewarding...and making pasta is pretty easy to do. Keep it simple and fresh and you can't go wrong.

When you're ready, move up to the "How to Make" video series for more advanced techniques and cooking skills.


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How to Cook Pasta Al Dente - the Pasta Channel (video) with Bonus Aglio Olio Recipe
This is a very comprehensive video from The Pasta Channel on how to recognize quality pasta, what to look for, how to cook it, etc. She also includes a bonus linguini with aglio olio recipe (oil and garlic). Great stuff! I've listed Giuliana's key points for you to share or save along with additional resources and video links. Enjoy!

How to Cook Pasta (quick video)
This is a great video from America's Test Kitchen that covers all the key points for cooking pasta perfectly al dente every time. Simply follow the method shown and sticky, overcooked pasta will be a thing of the past. I have added a few tips and pointers that I find helpful as well. Enjoy!

How to Pair the Pasta Shape with the Right Sauce (quick video)
This super quick video by America's Test Kitchen provides a primer on pairing pasta shapes and sauces. Their general rule? You should be able to eat the pasta and sauce easily with each bite. To get you started, follow these general guidelines to match the texture of the sauce to the consistency of the pasta...

How to Reheat Plain Cooked Pasta (quick video)
This super quick video from eHow, hosted by Max Tucci, celebrity chef and culinary expert, hows you how to quickly reheat cold, already cooked pasta for a quick meal...without using a microwave!

How to Prep Pasta and 2 Methods of Adding Sauce (video)
This video is from the folks at Colavita, producers of Italian Extra virgin olive oil and pasta products. Certified Chef Ken Arnone provides an overview of commercial pasta and then discusses the various types of sauces that go with various shapes. The last segment of the video provides two different methods for combining the pasta and the sauce. Helpful, precise instruction and excellent camera work.

How to Store Pasta (quick video)
This super quick video from The Good Chef, Bad Chef covers all the basics for storing dry pasta and fresh pasta including freezing and "use by" tips.

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