How to Keep Your Plastic Cutting Boards Clean and Fresh (video)

Publisher's Note: This quick video by Zanussi provide an easy and quick solution for keeping your smaller plastic cutting boards clean.

Food Safe Tips

We've added some extra tips below to keep your boards "food safe", sanitized and stink-free. From a few drops of bleach, to white vinegar to good, old-fashioned baking soda...there are lots of options to get your boards clean and fresh. 

My suggestion? Try 'em all and then choose the method you like best!

Got a better solution to share? Leave a comment below! 

7 Quick solutions for cleaning and sanitizing plastic cutting boards:
1. Use course kosher salt and a moist cloth to scrub the board. Rinse well with hot water and let dry completely.
2. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the board and scrub with a clean, white cloth. Rinse well with hot water and let dry completely.
3. Use a blend of kosher salt and baking soda to clean and deodorize the board. Rinse well with hot water and let dry completely.
4. White vinegar - used full strength - sanitizes the board nicely and removes odors as well.
5. A gallon of water and 2 drops of bleach in a spray bottle is a quick solution.
6. Pop 'em in the dishwasher!
7. Hot, soapy water will remove most food stains and smells. If they need more work, try one of the above options!

Cutting Board Food Safety Tip -

NEVER re-use a board that has had raw meat on it. Choose and use separate boards for meat and veggies/herbs.


Kitchen Cutting Board Organization Tip -

To make food safety simple and fool-proof, select 5 cutting boards of different sizes and/or shapes and then use each board for just one type of food prep; poultry, red meat, fish, herbs and one for veggies. If space is tight (or you hate clutter) you can also manage with just 2 boards...meat and veggies.
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