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This section of the web site is devoted to how-to videos. Since I'm not an expert, nor do I have a test kitchen in which to make my own videos, I set about sourcing the best professional-quality videos I could find to share with you, my fellow pasta aficionados.

Screengrab of How to Make Fettuccini video

Like you, I just really love for pasta, cooking pasta, trying out new sauces, and of course, eating pasta. And, for all my experience (and a few scary experiments!), I find there is always more to learn. I happen to learn best from videos so that was my focus. (I admit to spending hours on YouTube and it has become my favorite go-to research tool behind Google!)

Anyway...the challenge with cooking, and Italian cooking in particular, is that for every ten cooks you ask, you get ten different answers on the "best" way to do things. So you're bound to find some contradictions on the "correct" way to do things from video to video. I guess that's true for most cooking.

My advice is just find what works best for you. The pasta police won't find you, I promise. If you want to share your successes (or failures?), feel free to add a comment for the community.

You'll find a variety of videos from beginner to expert level so look around and find what appeals to you. I selected videos with high-quality production value that provide clear, helpful information. Some are short while others are fairly comprehensive. Some may be promoting a particular product line or have brief ads but, if you can overlook that, the content is still worthwhile.

For most of the videos, I have added a printable version of the content so you can save it, print it or share it as you choose. Look for my TIPS and SEE ALSO references for helpful techniques or related content.

If you are seeking something particular and don't find it here, just send me an email. I'll do some research and add it to the mix for everyone to enjoy. Happy viewing!
Founder, Curator and Publisher of My Favorite Pasta Recipes

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