A Foodie’s Paradise…Puglia, Italy

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Looking for a little adventure with fabulous food guaranteed? While Rome, Florence and Venice may be more well known, they are also overrun with tourists...and tourist trap restaurants that disappoint. My advice? Try Puglia, Italy. Get off the beaten path and head south to this stunning seaside region. It's the real deal...with authentic Italian culinary delights. This article by The Sentinal in the UK provides an inside look at this foodie paradise. 

Photo: Puglia, Italy

Travel: Head to Puglia in Italy for a foodie's paradise

I F THE way to a man's heart is through his stomach, few places offer more pulling power than plentiful Puglia.

Some of the most memorable meals in my lifetime have been served up in northern Italy, but for consistent perfection on a plate, nothing compares to the simple yet delicious dishes served further south.

It is said the Italians put up with many things, but never bad food. Their unpretentious restaurants with tacky murals and rickety furniture may often be crying out for a makeover, but the cuisine is seldom less than perfect.

Bright red cherry tomatoes compete for attention with succulent oranges and the juiciest grapes in a kaleidoscope of fruits and vegetables.

With such an abundance of food, prices both in the supermarkets and restaurants are often incredibly cheap. How does 3 euros (£2.53) sound for a large margherita pizza at a pizzeria in the lively capital Bari, or 4 euros (£3.38) for a platter of fresh fruit big enough to feed a family of 10 at a restaurant in Alberobello? ....

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Are you a foodie who love to travels? If mastering pasta, or gnocchi or risotto while truly experiencing la dolce vita is your goal...a culinary tour in Italy can be a deliciously rewarding and enriching option! Learn more about Culinary Tours here.

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